2018-2019 Kindergarten Supply List

Four boxes of 24 regular Crayola crayons

Eighteen glue sticks

One bottle of Elmer’s glue

One pair of Fiskar Scissors

One wedge eraser

One wide-ruled spiral notebooks

Backpack EVERY DAY for papers and library books. (Please make sure it is one you can open and close all by yourself – no wheels please.)

Four black fine tip Expo Dry Erase markers

Two boxes of tissues

Two containers of antibacterial wipes

One box of GALLON size Ziploc bags

One bottle of hand sanitizer

$10.00. (donation for cooking, science, math and reading activities.)

Gym shoes (to be left at school if your child does not wear tennis to school)


**Please stick with the specific brands listed if possible. We have found that these are the highest quality and last longer than the off brands.


From your Kindergarten teacher!