4C Updates
November 20th, 2012
Nice to Know…
     4th Grade Students worked hard to put together and present a 7 Habits Assembly to our school on Friday, November 9th. We taught students about Habit 3: Put First Things First and showcased student and adult leaders in our school. All 4th graders were involved in at least one part by either helping plan, prepare, or present. The assembly turned out great and we received lots of compliments from other people around the school. If you would like to see a video of our assembly, I uploaded it on to my website. Click on the “Links” on the bottom of my homepage and look for “7 Habits Assembly: Habit 3.” Thanks for your hard work and leadership 4th Graders! You may also click on the link below:
What’s Happening…
·         Review and practice of all the Habits
·         Reading – Questioning
·         Math – Decimals
·         Investigations – Geography and Landforms of North America & MAPS!
Mark Your Calendars…
·         November 22nd-23rd: No School – Thanksgiving
·         November 29th: End of 1st Trimester
·         November 30th: No School – Teacher Work Day
·         December 3rd: 2-Hour Late Start
4C High Points… Here are the things 4C students said were the high points of 4th Grade so far…
·         Science
·         Slime Stations
·         Math (Games, Math is easier, songs, fun)
·         Small Group Reading
·         Meeting New Friends
·         World Passport
·         Fun new activities
·         All our teachers (Mrs. Demmer, Mrs. S., Miss Hess, Miss Bohnsack, Angie)
·         Brain Break
·         Team Building in P.E.
·         Art
·         Music
·         Investigation