Top Ten Things to Know about:


10.   7th Year of Teaching…

5th Year Teaching 4th Grade…
4th Year at McKinley… She loves those McKinley Monkeys!!!
9. Expects great things from her students!
In her class, everyone works hard! But they also have fun!
 8. Appreciates communication from parents!
Emails, phone calls, notes are all good ways to talk to her. Best times for me to respond are 9:30 – 10:30 and after school. Look for her business cards with contact information. 
7. Enjoys teaching with inquiry!
It’s all about the questions … And looking in multiple places to find the answers. 
6. Her classroom is interactive…
In 4C we do a lot of working and sharing together. 
Everyone’s minds should be on and busy learning!
5. Kids own the learning! 
She believes the person doing the work is the person doing the learning…
So she looks for the kids to be the ones that are thinking and engaged!
4. Enjoys being a learner too! 
She’s completed her Master’s Degree in Education through Southwest Minnesota State University last year.  She thinks that kids are her best teacher!
3. Is excited about implementing Learn by Design: STEM! 
She spent the summer learning about how to help students be observers, questioners, and problem solvers. It’s all about designing things and making them better.
2. Believes every child has great potential and can be a leader!
She knows that everyone has gifts and talents to share and believes that people can be more effective when they live the 7 Habits.
1. Is looking forward to her best year ever!
She knows that this will be a year she will never forget! 
Can’t wait to begin it with YOU!!!