Why do schools need social workers?

Today’s students face many social and personal problems that threaten their ability to do well in school and inhibit their progress toward becoming productive citizens. Educational failure not only threatens the future of the individual, but also impedes America’s social and economic status as it competes in world markets. School social work intervention by qualified professionals promotes educational success. 

                                 What do school social workers do?

School social workers are the link between home, school and community. As a member of the educational team at McKinley (which is comprised of teachers, administrators, and parents), I promote and support students’ academic and social success by providing specialized services that may include:
·         Individual and group counseling and support groups
·         Crisis prevention and intervention
·         Home visits
·         Parent education and support
·         Information and referral
·         Collaboration with community agencies and organizations
·         Advocacy for students, parents, and the school system
·         Support and advocacy for parents and families
I also support student success by helping them to:
·         Increase academic success
·         Improve interpersonal relationships
·         Cope with crisis situations
·         Develop self-discipline
·         Learn problem-solving and decision-making skills
·         Resolve conflicts without violence
·         Improve attendance
·         Build self-esteem