Student Group Opportunities
Throughout the school year, I offer many different topical support groups at school. These groups typically meet once per week for 30 minutes during your child's school day and run for 6 to 8 weeks. All effort is made to assure the group times do not interfere with any of the student's core academic times. Groups are confidential and focus on a variety of different topics in which peers problem-solve and support each other in small group settings. Groups that will begin in the month of November are: Banana Splits and Freindship groups. See the following information for more details. Feel free to contact me for more information or request your child participate
Friendship Group
These groups vary depending on student need. Different areas that may be addressed are; making and keeping friends, cooperation/compromising, handling conflicts peacefully, problem solving, identifying and expressing feelings, respecting differences, increasing self-esteem, responsibility and respect and conflict resolution/problem solving.
Banana Splits
This group is for children whose parents have separated and/or divorced. We meet weekly during your child's school day and talk about different changes that have taken place in the family, living in two homes, and handling strong emotions in healthy ways. Other individual topics that surface can be addressed as needed, such as parent dating and/or step-families. Upon completing the group, students receive a certificate of completion and we celebrate by enjoying banana splits together. A folder is brought home that contains work the students have done and helpful information for the parents and students.
Grief Support Groups
This group is for students who have lost a loved one or might have a loved one dealing with a serious illness. During these sessions students will learn about the life cycle, how to deal with “rollercoaster” emotions, how to keep the memory of their loved one alive, and about feeling better again
Living the 7-Habits
Coming Soon! Each week will focus on one of the 7-habits; what it looks like, what it feels like, and how we can live it at home, at school, and in our community. Lots of fun activities will take place in this group as students grow in leadership and strengthen their character. More information will be provided in upcoming newsletters.