*Assignments will be posted here daily.
Reading: minutes for next week, Friday letter signed due Mon.
River map due Monday

Reading: 100 min. signed & responses (2/1) due tomorrow
SS: memorize speech, bring costume, activation device and artifacts.  Invite parents: 9:45-10:45
Science: river map due Monday

Reading minutes
Practice speech 5 times, costume, activation device, artifacts
Music presentation stuff
River map due Monday                    

Reading: 100 minutes due Friday
Math: practice math facts
Science: River map due 5/11
Social Studies: final copy of speech due tomorrow, For Friday: artifacts, activation device, costume (wax museum 5/8 9:45-10:45)
Music project due tomorrow
Track meet (dress for weather) tomorrow- 9:20

Reading: 100 x 2 (weeks) signed minutes & Malala's Prize text structure response due tomorrow
Math: SL 10.4 due tomorrow
SS: collage due Wed.
****Practice poem for poetry cafe tomorrow

Reading: 100 min signed & inferring response due tomorrow
Math: Surface area due tomorrow
*MCA letter in folder (please keep)
Yearbook orders & Maynard due tomorrow

Reading: 100 min due Fri & Bats questions due tomorrow
yearbook forms and Maynard applications

Reading: 100 min due Friday, poem about painting due tomorrow
Math: SL 11.2 & math test signed due tomorrow
Science: mouse trap & blue prints due tomorrow

Reading: 100 min due Fri
Math: SL 11.1 due tomorrow
SS: world passport tomorrow
Yearbook orders due Friday

Reading: next week's minutes & Friday letter due signed Monday
Math: Bring one 3D shape on Monday

signed & responses due tomorrow
Math: Complex area wks due tomorrow

Reading: 100 minutes due Fri
Math: trapezoid area sheet due tomorrow

Reading: 100 min due Friday
Math: SL 9.9 due tomorrow
World passport tomorrow

Reading: N ext week's min
Friday letter signed & word study due Mon.
MAth: SL 9.8
Science materials due Monday

Reading: minutes, finish poetry questions & evidence numbering due tomorrow
Math: Fix up SL 9.6 & MJ 314 part 1 due tomorrow
Science: project materials need to be here Monday.

Reading: 100 min due Fr
Math: SL 9.6 due tomorrow
Science: Materials at school Monday

Class do jo sheet signed due Monday
Pearson perspective due Monday ____ (parent initials that you spent 20 minutes)
Next week's reading minutes

Reading: 100 minutes siigned and responses (1 or 2 including the screw article) due tomorrow
Math: SL9.3 & rectangle stencils due tomorrow


Reading: 100 min due Th
Math: SL 9.2 due tomorrow
1 quatrain due tomorrow

Reading: 100 minutes due Thursday
Math: SL 9.1 & get unit 8 test signed due tomorrow
SS: world passport last day for book 1 tomorrow

Reading: 115 minutes SIGNED due tomorrow
***Twister packets caught up
Pink word study is due tomorrow

Reading: 115 minutes due Thursday
SS: STUDY WORLD PASSPORT (test tomorrow)
**Pearson Perspective session due Friday _____ (parent sign)

Reading: Next week's minutes
Friday letter signed due Mon
PJ day Monday

Reading 115 min due Fri.
Log in to Pearson Perspective & do one lesson ______ (parent initial)
Science jet car reflection due tomorrow

Reading: 115 minutes due Friday
Math: SL 8.1
OLPA letter signed due tomorrow, Do one lesson in Pearson Perspective due Thursday ____ (parent sign)

115 min signed due tomorrow!!!!!
Responses 2 or 3 due tomorrow
Math: Journal 224 due tomorrow
Valentine box due tomorrow
Vests, boots, hats (camping day)
115 min
2 order of operations problems and PEMDAS poster due tomorrow
final copy of Boston due Monday

Reading: Next week's minutes
**Friday letter due signed Mon.
Carnival Sat. 2-5

Reading: 115 minutes signed & response (2/1) due tomorrow
Math: distributive worksheet due tomorrow
*Polar day tomorrow (winter gear)
STEM reading night 6-7

Reading: 115 minutes
Math: property sort due tomorrow
Social Studies: newspaper rough draft due tomorrow
Carnival volunteers needed: acocch@charter.net

Reading: 115 m due Friday, book share due tomorrow!
Math: SL 7.5 due tomorrow
*Milk gallon jugs

Reading: 115 minutes due Friday, book share project de Wed., read a t-shirt day tomorrow
Math: SL 7.4 due tomorrow
Reading: 100 minutes signed tomorrow, book share due Wed.,
Math: SL 7.3 due Mon.
Study World Passport
Social studies Boston newspaper rough draft due Thurs.
Book mark contest due Friday

Reading: Responses due tomorrow (1 or 2) & bring book share materials & word study papers due tomorrow
Math: SL 7.2 due tomorrow
***Book orders & carnival basket donations due tomorrow.

Reading: 100 minutes by Friday
Math: SL 7.1 due tomorrow
book orders and basket donations due Friday
Come to conferences on _________at _______.

Reading: minutes, book share materials here on Thursday
Math: company project & Signature on math test due tomorrow

Reading: next week's minutes
Math: Caught up on company project?
Friday letter signed due Monday!

Reading: minutes signed & responses due tomorrow
Math: all reflections and changes due tomorrow

Reading: Due tomorrow: signed minutes, blue vocab & Code Text Coding
Math: P. 27, Bonus Points

Reading: minutes
Math: logo due tomorrow (goal)
Science: finish table of contents in STEM journal (due tomorrow)

Reading: minutes
Math: landmarks and double bar graph due tomorrow
Science fair permission form due 2/6
Jump rope for heart due 1/23

Reading: 100 minutes due Friday
Goal...work on goal at home
OLPA testing from 9:20-10:20 tomorrow

Reading: next week's minutes
*Friday letter due Monday (signed)
*Science: Reflection paragraph due Monday
*Social: By 2:30 Tuesday, 2 world passport tests due

Reading: minutes
Conference forms
Math: 4 logo sketches complete
Science: windbreak response due tomorrow, streamtable reflection due Monday

Reading: 100 min due Fri
Math: Journal pages 183, 184, 185 due tomorrow
****Conference slips due tomorrow

Conference goal:
SL 6.4 due tomorrow
World Passport tomorrow
* Streamtable Reflection is due 1/12.

Reading: 100 minutes each week.
*Sparkles & job ap due tomorrow.
**PJ day tomorrow.
Reading:  next week's minutes, Friday letter story signed is due Monday
Flea market Monday

Reading: 100 min. due Fri.
Math: Fix up SL 6.1, get unit 5 test signed
Science: bring wind break materials! (baggie)
work on goal

Reading: 100 min. due Fri.
Math: SL 6.1 due tomorrow
Lang Arts: at least 10 sentences for personal narrative (rough draft) due tomorrow

Reading: 100 min due Fri
Math: Journal page 41 due tomorrow
****Get all late work turned in so you can participate in flea market next week.

Reading: 100 minutes signed & response journals due tomorrow
SS: Colony project due tomorrow, showcase 1-2.
Concert tonight...be there between 6:50 and 7:00.  B305

Reading: minutes & yellow DEA story due tomorrow
Math: practice facts
Social: Materials here on Thursday
Music: PRACTICE rhythm

Reading: Last two weeks minutes signed & 1 or 2 response journals due tomorrow.
Science: Weathering windows colored and completed due tomorrow.
Reading: next week's minutes
*Friday letter signed due Monday
*Practice goal for 15 minutes.
*Get unit 4 test signed.

Reading: minutes, Shiloh cube due Friday
Math: SL 5.4 due tomorrow
Book orders due tomorrow!!!!
Music: notecards

Reading: Shiloh vocab is due tomorrow
Math: SL 5.2 due tomorrow
*Book orders due Thursday
***Work on goal!!!!

Reading: 100 min due Fri., blue vocab due Wed.
Math: SL 5.1 due tomorrow
Book orders due Thurs.

Reading: next week's minutes
*Friday letter due Monday

*Book orders due 11/20.
*Late work for trimester 1 due 11/21.

Reading: 100 minutes signed tomorrow, 2 or 3 response journals due tomorrow

***Practice goal for 10 min.

STEM night 6-7 tonight!

Reading: minutes
Math: division test tomorrow

Reading: minutes & DEA due tomorrow

Math: division worksheet due tomorrow

***Practice goal - 10 minutes


Reading: 100 minutes by Friday

Math: Finish word problem sort


Reading 100 minutes are due tomorrow signed
Math: division word problems due Monday
Field Trip tomorrow, bring lunch

Reading: minutes

Math: MJ 106 due tomorrow

News Team aps are due tomorrow!
BWW fundraiser tonight


Reading: minutes

Math: SL 4.6 due tomorrow

Word Study Test Thursday

***Fundraiser pick up 3-5:30


Reading: next week's minutes

Friday letter signed by Monday

Erosion walk Monday- dress for weather


Reading: minutes

Math- division worksheet


Reading: minutes

Math: get signature on test & division wks due tomorrow

Science: test tomorrow & field trip permission form


Reading: 100 min due Friday

Math: SL 4.2 due tomorrow

Science: Study for test (Wednesday)

reading: 100 minutes signed & response journals (2 or 4) due tomorrow
Word study pink sheet due tomorrow
***Pink packet due tomorrow
***Social studies test due tomorrow


100 reading min due Fri
Math: heart wks due tomorrow
Science: button classification due Wed

Reading: 100 minutes by Friday

Math: SL 2.8 due tomorrow

Reading: 100 minutes SIGNED due tomorrow

*response journals due tomorrow
*Math SL 2.7 due tomorrow

Reading: minutes

Math: Lookin' At Labels page due tomorrow

***Amazing Life Poster is due tomorrow

Reading: next week's minutes

*Practice for goal

*Friday letter due Monday

Reading: 100 minutes signed due tomorrow

Math: One step area wks. due tomorrow

Maya Project due tomorrow

Husky Day tomorrow (early release)


Reading: minutes
Math: Mayan math wks due tomorrow
Sports Day
Conference Form is due tomorrow
***student council applications due tomorrow

Reading: minutes
Math: practice facts
*Bring toothbrush tomorrow
*Fashion Disaster Day
*Bring Mayan Supplies
*Color your Mayan picture for tomorrow

Reading: 100 minutes due Friday.

Mural drawing due tomorrow.

Bring old toothbrush or paintbrush for Wednesday.

Hat day tomorrow!


***PJ Day is Monday
Next week's reading minutes

Friday letter signed due Monday

Cancer donations


reading minutes with signature due tomorrow

Math journal p. 33

Nutrition log for Th

field trip form & $14

ball drop question


reading minutes

class dojo parent sign

pink no excuse sentence page due tomorrow

nutrition log


reading minutes

No excuse sentences due Thursday.

Health presentation letter due tomorrow

picture day is tomorrow - bring form

Nutrition log


100 reading minutes due Friday

No excuse word sentences due Thursday.

Math: practice facts for 10 min.

Bring in Pringles cans.

Donations for cancer research.

Pictures Wednesday.


next week's reading minutes

Friday letter signed due Monday

*Cancer research donations

*Save empty pringles cans

100 reading minutes signed due tomorrow

Book orders due tomorrow.

Prime factorization worksheet due tomorrow

Wanted: Empty pringles cans!

100 reading minutes by Friday
SL 1.7 due tomorrow
*Book orders due Friday

Next week's reading minutes.

Friday letter signed due Monday.


Reading: minutes
Rough draft of timeline due tomorrow
Math: SL 1.3 due tomorrow

Reading: minutes
*8 life events sentences due tomorrow


*Reading- 100 minutes by Friday
*Math- Study Link 1.2 due tomorrow

*Friday letter due signed Monday

*Read & have your 75 minutes signed
*Job contracts due tomorrow
*list of 8 important life events

*read 25 minutes
paper workbring pictures


*Read 75 minutes by Friday.
*Bring pictures (things you are good at).

Have your parents sign your planner each night!