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Winter Gear & Recess
With winter approaching, please make sure your child (or children) are coming with winter gear and prepared to be outside.  We are outside for morning arrival (until 7:50am) and at the grade level's recess time.  Additionally, classrooms are often outside during instructional times- even in the winter!   The only time we keep students indoors is when the temperature is below zero.   Our Main Office will make that decision using National Weather Service information.  

If your family needs support in getting winter gear, please contact our School Social Worker, Annette Warner, at 507-444-8215 or  ;

If you have extra winter gear and are interested in donating this, we would gladly take it.  Please drop off at or contact our Main Office at 507-444-8200.  

Thank you! 
McKinley Staff 
Author: Justin Kiel   E-Mail: